Meet the Artist

Julie Niskanen Skolozynski is busy.  She’s a wife, mother of 5, internationally recognized artist, and an art teacher. Julie also teaches college art classes for Central Carolina Community College.

Located in Angier, NC, the studio’s name comes from the homestead where the studio is located. Out back there’s a pond full of fish, turtles and birds, and of course - chickens including a rooster named Rusty. There are also vegetable gardens and a yard full of fun for her children.

Julie’s award winning work is in many public and private collections. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, China, New Zealand, and in Russia, where she gave master classes at the International Mezzotint Festival at the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts in Ekaterinburg, Russia. She was commissioned to design one of the covers for Strathmore’s printmaking paper, and was invited to be artist in residence at Tryon Place in New Bern, NC. You can learn more about Julie and her artwork on her personal page:



Students learn a variety of techniques and how to use a many different materials: drawing (graphite, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, ink wash, pen & ink, colored pencil), printmaking (lino-cut, woodcut, monotype, collagraph), painting (acrylic and watercolor methods), sculpture (paper maché and polymer clay). They also learn about light, color, perspective, and study works of some of the historic art masters. A range of subject matter is covered including still-life, landscape, animals, nature, and much more.


Studio Philosophy

Creating art is exciting and fluid. It is best not set in a strict program. So we work with the interests of the students, keeping a dynamic learning environment. Students are encouraged with their passions and interests while also being pushed to explore and leave their comfort zone to learn new techniques and styles.

Demonstrations are given for each art technique, and then students are given suggestions as they work on their own artwork. The art studio is an interactive and stimulating setting. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 7 students, so that there is more one-on-one help for each student with the teacher.

While maintaining a serious attitude about art and focus, we also have fun as we work: talking, listening to music, and sharing ideas in this lively and energetic studio.



Art Classes

Art classes are offered to children and adults. Classes are organized by age group (roughly 5-8 year olds, 9-13 year olds, and high school students). During each semester, students work through a variety of techniques and subject matter. Adult classes may be private or group lessons, or art parties.

Rooster's Crow Studio is great for students of all abilities... from beginner to experienced. We mold each project to the needs and abilities of each student. Only requirement is a passion for art and strong drive to work.

All art materials at Rooster’s Crow are professional artist quality… whether 5 year old student or a 45 year old student, it’s all the same. In art, the materials matter! Lower quality materials = lower quality results with the artwork produced. High quality materials help to yield top quality artwork. But they are expensive. So it is important for students to respect studio supplies and equipment, and use them with care.


Rooster's Crow Studio also offers painting parties! Please contact us with questions.