Studio Policies

Rooster’s Crow students not only unleash their creative and artistic skills, they also learn and practice good studio habits. In the studio students learn how to use materials that are used by artists across the world and through the centuries. Good art materials and equipment are expensive, but necessary for artistic endeavors, and we learn how to treat them. We take care of the studio, and we clean up! Respect for materials, equipment and fellow students is Rule #1. Rowdy or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated.

Parents: You are welcome in the studio for brief visits, but are not invited to participate in teaching and corrections unless asked to do so by the instructor. 

There is a non-refundable $20 supply fee per semester when registering for classes.
Art supplies are expensive and we use professional quality art supplies here. This fee helps cover the cost of materials and also secures your spot in the class.

If you plan to stop attending during a semester, we ask that you give us at least a 2-week notice.


Payment Policy & Make-up Lessons

Tuition for group art classes is $65 per student each month. Payment must be made monthly, at the first lesson of the month. Most months, we meet 4 times, but there are occasions where we meet 5 times or only 3. The schedule for each semester is sent by email before we begin for the semester. There are no refunds or partial payments accepted if you miss classes due to vacation or illness. However, if you end up missing one of the lessons, we are happy to schedule a make-up lesson. Please contact us ASAP to schedule a make-up lesson (see below). 

Please keep this policy in mind. As much as I absolutely love art and teaching art, this is my business and how I help support my family. When you sign up for co-op such as Classical Conversations, or a course at Wake Tech and then miss a class or two due to illness or vacation, you don’t get to pay less/get a refund. When you sign up for a class here, it is the same. Your spot has been filled and we count on this spot for planning the studio budget, ordering art supplies, as well as the family budget.

Methods of payment accepted: cash, check, credit card, or Paypal


Make-up lessons:

If you must miss a lesson due to illness or being out of town, one make-up lesson will be provided per semester. The missed lesson should be made up before the class meets again the following week. This is because on many projects the class learns together, step-by-step. So it is important to have all students on the same page at each class so that they can work on the same technique together as I give demonstrations and instruction.


No-show lessons:

Please don’t “no show”! The studio is prepared before each class for each student. For example, when we are painting I will have easels set up with each student’s painting, paint brushes and water jars out, and even paint out on the palette so that we can get right to work. When a student doesn’t show up, this means I now have to throw away expensive paint and have wasted time preparing for him or her.

You will be paying ahead for classes at the beginning of each month, so this means you will have already paid for a class if you don’t show up. There is no refund for no shows. It is up to you to schedule a make-up lesson. But if you know that you will be out of town or have an illness, please give us 24-hours notice that you won’t be able to attend class.

After 2 no shows, we will fill your spot. My classes are full, and empty spots can be easily filled from eager students on the waiting list.



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